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Pass Plus……Extra Driving Lessons in and around Loughborough

DVSA’s “PASSPLUS” course gives newly qualified drivers the opportunity to gain even more valuable on the road experience, by offering additional hours tuition (Under expert guidance) which includes driving on MOTORWAYS and unfamiliar roads.

The “PASSPLUS” course is also recognized by most major insurance companies, and once fully completed can often lead to a substantial discount being given to the newly qualified driver on taking out insurance.

The cost for “PASSPLUS” course is a pre-set amount of £240.00

This “one off “fee includes a full six hours of driving, to include MOTORWAYS, DUAL CARRIAGEWAYS and a whole host of very UN-FAMILIAR roads all designed to give you, the newly qualified driver. vital additional on the road experience, preparing you for the day you finally venture out onto today’s very busy roads, by yourself, unsupervised. The good news is there is no additional test to take to complete the course.

For more information, you can go on PASS PLUS COURSE (direct link to the DVSA’s “PASSPLUS” website).