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  1. Richard took me on as a student after my previous driving instructor was forced to quit the business for mental health reasons. I had failed my first attempt at the driving test badly after all that happened with my previous instructor, and my confidence was low.

    Richard was very encouraging while still giving me constructive criticism, getting the balance right between positive and negative feedback to keep me motivated while showing me where I was going wrong. Thanks to him I went from getting 3 majors and 12 minors on my first test and being an extremely nervous driver, to becoming a much calmer and safer driver and passing with only 4 minors.

    I’m very thankful for all Richard’s support in helping me get my full license, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality instructor.

    driving lessons in Loughborough with Richard Harper

  2. I was not a very confident driver, I always felt nervous in cars. I have tried other driving instructors, and I only mention this because it was not until I found Richard that I finally felt comfortable and confident enough to start learning.

    Richard is incredibly patient, he has an ability to teach you the way you need it to be done. He is great at explaining concepts and scenarios in ways that are easy to understand, then allows you to go out and do them in the real world with guidance. He is excellent at knowing how much support to give, he is great at knowing when a student is ready to recieve slightly less advice and drive a little more on their own. He is always there to answer questions, however he facilitates an environment where you can become a safe independent driver.

    He gets to know you personally, so it is always a positive warm vibe for each lesson. I have never felt uncomfortable whilst driving with Richard, I actually found myself looking forward to every lesson. He is an incredible driving instructor, I urge you to learn to drive with Richard as he will tailor the learning to your needs and he has some great little jokes! Thank you so much Richard for everything you have done for me, would not be feeling this confident if it wasn’t for you.

    driving lessons in Loughborough with Richard Harper

  3. Richard is a fantastic driving instructor . He made me feel very safe and comfortable whilst learning to drive with him, I looked forward to every lesson. I am a panicky person but Richard made me feel at ease when I was out of my comfort zone. And when it come to test day I was 100% confident that with the lessons I’ve had I would pass and I passed first time with 4 driving faults… I would definitely choose Richard as your driving instructor! Thank you again Richard for teaching me how to pass my test and to achieve my full driving license! 😀

    Chelsea Williamson 23rd may 2019

  4. Amazing driving instructor! He’s very experienced and always makes you feel comfortable! I managed to pass in three months and this was definitely all down to Richard. His attention to detail is incredible and I felt very prepared for my exam. Thank you very much!

    driving lessons in Loughborough with Richard Harper