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Theory Test & Hazard Perception Test


You may not be aware, but before you can take your Driving Test, you need to take and pass a “TWO PART” Theory Test.

The number of theory test questions is 50 – You need to get a minimum of 43 out of 50 to pass this section.

The Hazard Perception Test, which is 14 video clips containing various HAZARDS (one of the clips will contain two different hazards)

You’ll need to score a minimum of 44 marks out of 75 to pass.

You need to pass BOTH PARTS of this test at the same sitting, otherwise you’ll need to re-book and take the test again. You’ll need plenty of practice before you’ll be ready. Don’t rush. It's very easy once you’ve practised enough.

To prepare yourself for this, there are a number of very good CD-ROM’s and DVDs which have all the latest questions and answers and video clips and of course there is always the Highway Code and any number of reference books to refer to.

The UK Theory test requires more than just a knowledge of The Highway Code. In order to pass it you must have a good knowledge of Alertness, Attitude, Safety and your vehicle, safety margins, Hazard awareness, Vulnerable road users, Vehicle handling, Rules of the road, traffic signs, Motorway rules, Documents and Accidents.