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Revised terms & Conditions during the Coronavirus pandemic

Revised Terms & conditions to be implemented throughout the Coronavirus pandemic

1. I will be insisting that every student wears a mask (unless medical reasons stop you from wearing one). I will be wearing a mask throughout the lesson.

2. Students must provide their own masks (no mask = no lesson)

3. Students will need to meet me at the car at the start of the lesson – As appropriate i will call/text to let you know I’ve arrived at your house.Please wait to be invited into the car (we will chat about your health conditions prior to getting in the car)

4. I will be sanitizing all parts of the car that are touched, before and after every lesson.

5. I will provide hand sanitizer in the car and will insist on students using it, at the beginning of lessons… However its really important that prior to the start of the lesson please wash your hands for a minimum 20 seconds with hot soapy water just before leaving your home and once again when you return home from your lesson.

6. I will only pick you up from home and drop you back at home until further notice.

7. Payment by cash is still accepted (please have the correct amount if possible) as well as bank transfer as normal.

8. All lessons will be 1 hour (standard fee £35) until further notice. (Unless you have a test and we will discuss timings for this).

9. Please wear appropriate clothing that cover as much of the body as you can. (Common sense if it’s too warm but please wash arms if exposing them).

10. Windows will be open where possible to ensure we have adequate ventilation throughout the lesson. (subject to weather conditions)

11. If you have any symptoms and/or any family member has symptoms. Please cancel your lesson and self-isolate. There will be “no charge” for any late notice cancellations.

12. If you do contract symptoms (as advised by the government) you must take a test and if positive you must inform me at once. Should this happen you obviously wont have another lesson for a minimum of 14 days.

13. Following a positive test you will be contacted by NHS test & trace to establish who you’ve been in contact with and follow NHS guidelines as appropriate.

14. If you are living with someone who is at high risk of infection it might be inappropriate to have driving lessons… (Inform me if this is the case?)

15. Visual aids and training resources will be handled by the instructor only and will not be passed around.

17. Any questions please ask?

Stay alert…..control the virus… lives